Amsterdam Canal Cruise Tickets

Are you visiting Amsterdam to admire art and history, pedal your way to discover hidden gems or enjoy windmills in the countryside?

If so, the Amsterdam Canal Cruise should be on your bucket list. 

Amsterdam Canal Cruising is a must-try for visitors to experience Amsterdam in complete authenticity. 

There are various Canal Cruises ranging from day cruises to night cruises, hop on hop off cruises to day trip cruises.

Cruises offer different inclusions like dinner, wine, cheese or entry to an attraction in combination with the cruise.

Choosing the right Amsterdam Canal cruise ticket is essential for the perfect experience.

Learn more about the types, costs and best Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets.

🌷Top Amsterdam Canal Cruise Tickets

Tickets for the Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Before you purchase, know about the various tours available to experience the Amsterdam Canal.

The best canal cruises sail through various famous historical sights of the awe-inspiring city. 

If you are a sunset person, evening cruises are your best option. 

Sail across various canals and watch the sun set into the Dutch capital as the crimson horizon paints your most unforgettable memory. 

Dinner cruises provide the most lively and intimate tour to experience with your partner, family or friends. 

You can level up your cruise experience with luxury Amsterdam canal cruise options. 

If you are on a night out with your partner, hop on to some of the most romantic Amsterdam cruises

Open boat cruises are also a popular option to sightsee the city. 

For all visitors low on time, one-hour canal cruises offer the most comprehensive tour of the city. 

The Amsterdam Canal Cruise experience is incomplete without Dutch cuisine and hospitality. 

There are various cruises with drinks, beer, wine and cheese, pizza, barbeque, and more. 

Do you want to cruise through the city and visit various popular attractions?

Then book hop-on and hop-off tours where you can visit places like the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and more in addition to the cruise. 

If visiting the neighboring countryside on a cruise sounds interesting, try the day tours

Tourists visit popular Dutch towns like Zaanse Schans, Giethoorn and Greenwich Village to enjoy traditional eateries and watch tulip gardens and windmill fields. 

If you visit during the annual Amsterdam Light Festival, watch the show while you set sail through the canals for the best experience. 

Amsterdam Light Festival Canal cruise ticket offers a cruise around the city and a light festival with various inclusions like dinner and expert guides. 

In addition to cruise tickets, City Passes like Amsterdam Pass and I am Amsterdam Card let tourists enjoy canal cruising at discounted rates. 

Best Canal Cruise Amsterdam tours and tickets

1. Best Amsterdam Canal Cruise ticket 

Enjoy a 75-minute cruise through the Amsterdam Canals with an optional snack box. 

With Audio commentary in 16 languages, know more about your sights during the cruise. 

This cruise takes you through iconic locations like Golden Bend, Overhoeks and the Maritime Museum. 

2. Evening Amsterdam Canal Cruise ticket 

Take the 75-minute evening canal cruise during the sunset. 

Enjoy your cruise with a snack box and beer or wine. 

The cruise sails past Amsterdam Centraal Station, Golden Bend, Rijksmuseum, etc. 

3. Amsterdam dinner cruise ticket 

The two-hour dinner cruise is the best option if you are looking to spend a night out with your loved ones in Amsterdam. 

Enjoy the best sights of Amsterdam and a 3-course meal with wine. 

This cruise passes through Skinny Bridge, Anne Frank House, the Old Port area, etc.

4. Private Amsterdam Canal Cruise ticket

This tour is perfect if you wish to travel with a small group of 10 people. 

Tourists can also customize the route based on their interests. 

This ticket includes a live guide and a local certified skipper. 

5. Best hop-on hop-off tour ticket 

Hop-on and hop-off tours are the best ways to explore the canals and an attraction at a discounted price. 

There are many combination canal cruises, like cruises with entry to the Heineken Experience, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, etc. 

One must-visit hop-on hop-off tour is the Canal cruise with the Van Gogh Museum. 

6. Canal Cruise with drinks

The Amsterdam Canal Cruise experience with incomplete without trying the Dutch cuisine and hospitality. 

Try various Dutch cheese, pizza and drinks on a cruise with drinks and food. 

These cruises take you through all the must-see attractions of the city. 

7. Light Festival Cruises

Amsterdam Light Festival is one of the most popular events during the winter. 

Canal Cruises are the best way to experience the Light Festival, filled with immersive artworks by artists worldwide. 

Amsterdam Light Festival cruise tickets offer dinner, hot chocolate and a range of drinks too. 

8. Amsterdam Pass

Amsterdam Pass is a money-saving option to explore various city attractions. 

The pass provides an Amsterdam Canal Cruise ticket, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum entry. 

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Ticket Price

Depending on the type of cruise, inclusions and route, the price of the cruise tickets varies. 

The best Canal Cruises in Amsterdam cost:

Type of cruise ticketCostBuy ticket
Best Cruise€15 to  €68 Buy This Ticket
Evening Cruise€20 to €41Buy This Ticket
Dinner Cruise€30 to €470Buy This Ticket
Luxury Canal Cruise ticket€20 to €79Buy This Ticket
Romantic Canal cruise ticket€20 to €119Buy This Ticket
Private Canal Cruise ticket€20 to €210Buy This Ticket
Open Boat cruise ticket€17 to €22Buy This Ticket
One-hour canal cruise ticket €16 to €66Buy This Ticket
Canal Cruise with beer €20 to €70Buy This Ticket
Canal Cruise with barbeque €39 to €70Buy This Ticket
Canal Cruise with cheese and wine€59Buy This Ticket
Canal Cruise with pizza and wine €22 to €54Buy This Ticket
Canal cruise ticket from Central Station€19 to €119Buy This Ticket
Hop-on and Hop-off Cruise€39 to €43Buy This Ticket
One Day Trips€16 to €119Buy This Ticket
Light Festival Cruise€20 to €54Buy This Ticket
Pass€54 to €62Buy This Ticket

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Ticket Discounts

Amsterdam Canal Cruise ticket prices vary depending on the visitors’ age and activity. 

Discounts are available for children and the age group depends on the activity chosen. 

Some Canal Cruises offer free infant entry, while others offer discounted tickets. 

You can get discounts on the Amsterdam Canal Crusie ticket price if you opt for combination tickets or get the Amsterdam Passes

Why Book a Canal Cruise Amsterdam Online Ticket?

Cruise tickets are available both on-site at the cruise meeting point and online. 

Thinking about buying Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets offline?

Remember that you must stand in long queues and spend more than required. 

With millions of tourists flocking to Amsterdam every year, it is doubtful that you will be able to secure the cruise ticket and desired time slot. 

Would you prefer standing in the hot summer or cold winter weather to pay a higher price?

Hence, purchasing online tickets is the most convenient and reliable option. 

Online tickets are cheaper than on-site tickets and also offer discounted prices. 

By securing Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets online, you can save time, money, and the hassle of long queues and skip last-minute disappointments. 

How do online Amsterdam Canal Cruise Tickets Work?

Purchasing tickets for a canal cruise in Amsterdam is easier than any other online purchase. 

Once you have made your purchase, your tickets are sent over email. 

All you have to do is present the ticket at the counter and skip all the lines to enjoy your cruise.

Remember to arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes prior. 

Which Amsterdam Canal Cruise Ticket is Perfect For You?

Now that you have explored the different types of Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets let’s find out how to choose one that suits you. 

1. If you are looking for a budget-friendly means of transport around Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Canal Cruises are the most cost-efficient and time-saving means of city travel. 

The 75-minute Canal Cruise costs €16 and is the best way to get around the city. 

In addition to traveling within the city, you can learn about Amsterdam and find hidden spots to visit. 

2. If you have less time on hand

Do you wish to explore the entire city but are low on time?

Take an Amsterdam sightseeing canal cruise to look at all the significant attractions of the city. 

The Canal Cruise and Attractions combination tickets offer the best chance to cruise and explore an attraction with just one ticket. 

3. For the best Dutch dining experience

Amsterdam offers you the right chance to get on a romantic dinner cruise

The dinner cruised offers various options like beer, wine and cheese, pizza, barbeque, and a 3-course meal. 

If you want to combine your dinner time with an unforgettable experience, dinner cruises are your best match. 

Why Take an Amsterdam Canal Cruise?

Are you visiting Amsterdam to admire art and history, pedal your way to discover hidden gems or enjoy windmills in the countryside?

If so, the Amsterdam Canal Cruise should be on your bucket list. 

Amsterdam Canal Cruising is a must-try for visitors to experience Amsterdam in complete authenticity. 

The city houses over 165 picturesque canals that portray the legacy of the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age. 

Built-in the 17th-century, these canals form the iconic concentric pattern around the city called the Canal Ring. 

This Canal Ring lets you sail on the river Amstel and explore the beauty of the Dutch capital.

Taking an Amsterdam Canal Cruise is the best way to travel and tour across the city. 

What to expect

Annually, 5.5 million tourists make their way to enjoy Amsterdam Canal Cruise for a reason.  

Do you want a calm, serene ride across the canals or a fun-filled luxury cruise with live music? 

Amsterdam Canal Cruises have everything you are looking for. 

Get ready to float in the subtle currents of river Amstel and witness Amsterdam transform into a medieval city with a modern outlook.

The Amsterdam Canal Cruises highlight major historical attractions of the city like the Anne Frank House, the Seven Bridges, the Van Gogh Museum and more. 

Once in the canals of Amsterdam, tourists enjoy more than just cruising. 

The best thing about canal cruises is spectating the speeding bicycles and the Dutch local buzz over artistic bridges and narrow cobbled streets lined with elm trees.

As the seasons change, these iconic elm trees paint Amsterdam with new filters best viewed from the canals. 

In addition to changing aesthetics and picturesque views, the vibrant nightlife is something you should take advantage of. 

From romantic dinner cruises to lively private DJ cruises, you can expect to have the most unforgettable memories crafted while cruising through Amsterdam.

Sights Covered during the Amsterdam Canal Cruise 

Since the 17 century, Amsterdam Canals have formed concentric circles within the city, facilitating transport and tourism. 

All the monuments and attractions are built along the canals. 

Cruising along the canal ring area is the best way to sightsee in Amsterdam. 

Some of the most famous sights on the cruise are listed below. 

Cruise Amstel River

Amstel River

Amstel River is the life of Amsterdam canals. All the iconic landmarks and attractions are built beside this river. 

Magere Burg

Magere Burg

Magere Burg, or the skinny bridge, is a must-see on the Amstel River. This bridge connects the river banks at Kerkstraat. 

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a biographical museum that was once the hiding place of Anne Frank during the Jewish wartime. 

NEMO Museum

NEMO Museum

Filled with five floors of science exhibits, this is the largest science center and the eighth most visited museum in the Netherlands. 



Rijksmuseum, or the National Museum of Netherlands, honors Dutch art and history. It houses the work of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer and more.

De Negen Straatjes

De Negen Straatjes

The Nine Little Streets lies within the western canal ring and comprises nine side streets. This area has several shopping and dining options. 

Dancing Houses amsterdam

Dancing Houses

Dancing houses are the iconic symbols of Amsterdam. These crooked dancing houses are found along the Damrak Canal. 

Maritime Museum amsterdam

Maritime Museum

The Amsterdam Maritime Museum was a former naval storehouse. This museum now houses artifacts related to shipping, sailing and related paintings and world maps. 

Van Gogh Museum amsterdam

Vangogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum houses the most extensive legendary Vincent Van Gogh artworks collection. The Van Gogh experience is one of the city’s most popular must-do activities. 

Tips for visitors

  • We suggest visitors book their Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets in advance to secure their cruise at their preferred time slot. 
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the cruise departure time at the departure point.
  • Please check the timings, boarding point, ticket inclusions and exclusions thoroughly. 
  • Carry a valid ID without fail.
  • Find out how to reach your boarding point and the best time to take an Amsterdam Canal cruise for a smooth trip. 


1. Where to buy canal cruise tickets in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets are available online. 

You can find a variety of cruises like evening, dinner, private cruises, and cruises with drinks

Tickets for season cruises like light festival cruises and Keukenhof festival are also available online. 

Due to high demand, these tickets are hard to secure offline and we suggest you purchase them online. 

2. What are the different Amsterdam Canal Cruises available?

3. How much does a canal cruise cost in Amsterdam?

The cheapest Amsterdam Canal cruise costs €16.

Luxury cruises cost €20 to €79. 

A dinner cruise with a 3-course meal would cost €87. 

The price of the Amsterdam Canal cruise ticket depends on the inclusions, facilities and duration. 

4. Do I need to book Amsterdam Canal Cruise in advance?

With millions of tourists visiting Amsterdam annually, canal cruise tickets are hard to get on the day. 

You might not be able to get a ticket for your preferred time slot and route if you try to book it on the same day. 

Hence we suggest you book your Amsterdam Canal cruise tickets online in advance.

5. Is canal cruises available at night?

Yes, Canal Cruises are available during the night. 

Various dinner cruises let you experience the beauty of Amsterdam and try the Dutch cuisine. 

The 3-course Dinner cruises are one of the most popular cruise options. 

6. How many people travel in one boat?

A regular open boat can occupy 30 tourists. 

Private cruises take a small group of 10 people. 

Private tours also let tourists customize their routes. 

7. Is the Amsterdam Canal Cruise available every day?

Yes, Amsterdam Canal Cruises are available every day. 

However, there might be closures due to significant events or rarely due to canals freezing during winter. 

We suggest you check the operating dates while booking your tickets online.

8. Are Amsterdam Canal cruise tickets available online?

Yes, Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets are available online. 

Online tickets offer a variety of discounts and benefits. 

Hence buy your Amsterdam Canal cruise tickets online. 

9. Are audio guides available with Amsterdam Canal cruise tickets?

Yes, some of the Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets include audio guides. 

Some of the best tickets that offer audio guides are: 

Classic Amsterdam Canal Cruise 
Evening Amsterdam Canal Cruise
Amsterdam Canal Cruise and Van Gogh Museum 

10. Does the Amsterdam Canal cruise have dinner options?

Some Amsterdam Canal cruises offer dinner options. 

Dinner cruises are one of the most popular types of cruises in Amsterdam. 

Some of the best Dinner Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets are: 

3-course dinner Amsterdam Canal Cruise
2-hour cruise with 2-course dinner
Pizza dinner cruise with drinks

11. Does Amsterdam Canal Cruises cover the Amsterdam Light Festival?

There are Amsterdam Canal cruises planned exclusively for the Amsterdam light festival. 

The light festival canal cruises offer the perfect view of the light show and live or audio guide. 

You can get your Amsterdam light festival canal cruise ticket online. 

12. Is Amsterdam Canal Cruise worth experiencing?

The Amsterdam Canal cruise is a unique sightseeing opportunity for everyone visiting the Dutch Capital.

Canal Cruises offer luxurious experiences, transportation within the city and unforgettable views of the city. 

The Amsterdam Canal cruise is worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

This was an hour well spent slowly cruising the canals with optional commentary (via headset in19 languages). Historic buildings, districts and look into the lives of the 2500 people who live in houseboats … great fun for all.

Shane A Burke, TripAdvisor

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