12 Amsterdam Canal Cruise tips

Amsterdam Canal Cruise will be one of the most unforgettable memories to create on vacation to the Netherlands.

The scenic landscape, rich history, warm hospitality and luxurious cruises will make your trip one of a kind. 

However, there are certain things to remember when planning your Amsterdam Canal Cruise trip. 

Here is your best Amsterdam Canal Cruise guide and the top 12 canal cruise tips.

Some tips to make your trip perfect are listed below:

1. Bring an ID

Carry your identification document whenever you go out.

Carrying valid proof is always required in Amsterdam, especially when hiring a boat. 

2. Carry some cash

Having cash in hand is advisable when navigating through the city. 

People in Amsterdam prefer to take cash rather than online payments.

Hence, it is good to carry some cash with you as finding an ATM will be hard for tourists.

3. Book your canal cruise in advance

Plan your canal cruise trip and book your Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets online.

Since millions of visitors come to Amsterdam during spring and fall, securing a spot on the canal cruise is hard.

If you want to take a cruise, book your cruise in advance and skip past the long lines at the ticket counter.

This also ensures you secure your spot for the preferred time slot and experience. 

4. Know the timings

Cruises in the Amsterdam canals depart from points in the canal ring throughout the day.

Make sure you know the departure points and timings for your cruises.

If you have booked your cruise online, arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

This will help you find your port, get through security and escape last-minute rushing or the chance of missing your cruise.

5. Take a hop-on hop-of cruise

If you are a traveler who wants to explore the major attractions of Amsterdam, then take a Hop-on Hop-off cruise.

On these tours you can take the cruise as well as explore a famous landmark on your way.

Some of the most famous stops are the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Madame Tussauds and Heineken Experience.

6. Consider a night cruise

For a more unique experience, opt for a night cruise in the Amsterdam Canal cruise.

Night cruises offer the perfect ambiance for a romantic night.

In addition to the perfect scenery, the cruises also offer dinner and bar options for a complete night experience.

You can also witness the lively nightlife of the city from the waters.

7. Take a cruise with food and drinks

What is better than enjoying the Dutch cuisine from the canals on the perfect cruise?

Cruise with food options offers you the chance to try Dutch cheese, drinks and more and also cruise down the famous canals all at once.

These cruises are also more private and take you on longer tours.

8. Safety is your priority

The cruises are equipped with all safety precautions.

However, travelers also need to ensure they follow their captain’s guidelines for a smooth cruising experience.

Also, be mindful of other tourists.

When clicking pictures, remember to avoid standing up in the boat.

Multiple instances during the ride will occur where you want to stand up. But the general rule of cruising is to be seated at all times unless allowed by the captain.

9. Pack light for the cruise

Pack light and only the required things when going on a cruise.

Only carry a small bag as it is not allowed on board, and no locker room facilities exist. 

If you carry large bags, you will be denied entry into the boat.

10. Carry medication

You can never be too prepared when on vacation.

We suggest carrying medication for motion sickness or sea sickness. 

If you have motion sickness, take the medication before you get on to the cruise for a better experience.

11. Stay safe from the sun

If you are visiting during the day, it is good to use sunscreen since tropical summers create bad sunburn.

The harsh sun rays during the day can be a hurdle when cruising through the city.

Hence, carry sunglasses and a hat at all times. 

Also, make sure you are dressed appropriately for the sun.

Comfortable clothes make the Amsterdam Canal Cruise experience perfect.

Flats and footwear with rubber soles are the best options for boat shoes. 

12. Stay hydrated

Day cruises during the summer can be exhausting and dehydrating.

Always carry water bottles with you. Having an energy drink and small snacks in your bag is advisable.

Remember to stay well hydrated during the ride.

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